G-Project G-Drop Wireless Speaker Review

on Monday, December 29, 2014
Still got some holiday shopping to do?  Then you might wanna consider G-Project’s G-Drop speaker.  It costs $50, and for the money you probably won’t do much better.  Why?
First off, it’s IPX7.  That means waterproof.  I took mine in the shower where I was able to use the built-in hook to hang it from my shower rack.  Those 4 knobs each house a button; left for track control, right for volume.  There is also a set of smaller buttons to turn the speaker on, pair it with a new device, and control the EQ.  The latter button didn’t have much impact on my music, though.

To charge the Bluetooth speaker (via micro USB), or play back music from an AUX cord, you’ll have to open the small door located on the top. Simple enough.  However, during the initial setup process I nearly split a few finger nails, as the door is protected by a locking mechanism.  Unfortunately, my version’s locking mechanism wasn’t centered, which meant that when I over rotated the lock – which it allowed me to do so, albeit ever so slightly – it meant I was in effect locking it again.  So look closely and make sure you line things up as the door doesn’t need much torque to open it.
Pairing the speaker is a standard affair with things coming together in a matter of seconds.  It doesn’t look like BLE is part of the G-Drop, which means you won’t be able to power on the G-Drop from an app, but that’s probably a moot issue for most.  That said, at $50 I wouldn’t expect it to have such, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

What it does have, though, is a 2.5″ driver paired with a passive bass radiator.  And for the size, this thing is more than ample (in sound) for traveling, lounging by the pool or perhaps scrubbing the dirt off in the shower.  And as mentioned it’s IPX7 rated, which means it can survive in up to 3-feet of water and work in temperatures as cold as -14F, or as hot as 122F.    Lastly, the battery is good for up to 6 hours of playback at medium volume, though your mileage will vary depending on how loud you play it.
If you want one of your own, head to G-Project or buy one direct from Amazon.


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