Vert Jump Sensor Track Review

on Monday, December 29, 2014

Vert has one job: It measures jumping. In a world of fitness wearables that are finding increasingly complex ways to measure dunks, throws, hits and speed, it’s refreshing to find a wearable do devoted to this particularly simple niche.

Jumping, as it turns out, is a bit easier to measure than other more complex physical activities. You buy the Vert sensor, clip it onto a piece of clothing like a waistband, download the MyVert app, and get to jumping. The sensor will then start measuring a variety of jump data. It starts with the vertical height of every jump: At the end of a session, it can give you a variety of information on your average vertical, highest vertical, total number of jumps made, and more.
You can probably see how this would be beneficial for several different sports – and Vert is already the “official jump technology” of USA volleyball. Improving your jumps could also prove helpful for basketball players, cheerleaders, and others. The goal is not only to track and improve your jumps, but also keep you from going overboard in your practice and attempting regular jumps that you aren’t ready for yet.

Vert sells the fitness sensor as a single device, but it also sells a team pack and a variety of Vertbelts for you to clip them onto. A single sensor will cost you around $125. Oh, and if you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to practice jumps with a cell phone stuck in my pocket?” then you should know that the Vert sensor also includes an LED indicator that, beeper style, can indicate the height of your latest jump for a quick check.


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