LG Curved LED Monitor Review

on Monday, December 29, 2014

Ah, Christmas…that time of year when you can get a truly widescreen monitor without feeling guilty about it. Whether it’s on your wishlist or is a belated present for yourself, LG’s 34UC97 Cineview Curved Ultrawide LED monitor will officially leave every other monitor you’ve seen in the dust.
That’s a whole lot of adjectives for a monitor, and you can be forgiven for assuming it’s actually an enormous TV, but this screen is designed to hook up to a tower or laptop with its D-Link or HDMI cables (if you use a Mac, you’ll have to buy your own Thunderbolt cable).
The 34-inch monitor offers 3440 x 1440 resolution, and LG claims that this is the first monitor to offer a 21:9 ratio. If you’re wondering what that’s good for, here’s a hint: The LED monitor also supports multitasking through a screen split that can handle between two and four screen sections, if necessary. Assuming you find a desk big enough to put it on, the LED screen also has a reader mode for studying documents up close without burning out your eyes.

Curved screens are a bit of an odd choice for a living room TV. The curve is designed to enhance the image primarily for one viewer – the person sitting in the middle. People off to the side tend to get a poor view. But the curved screen makes a lot more sense for a computer monitor, where it is more common to have only one person in front of the screen.
Of course, with such a high resolution, large screen, and notable curve, LG’sLED monitor is specifically designed for a few situations. If you are a computer gamer, you probably won’t find a better monitor for displaying the best visuals. If you have forsworn a TV and use your monitor for entertainment, this is a great choice. It could also be a boon to professionals who need a lot of screen space for graphic design or daytrading or other roomy projects. You can buy the LG 34UC97 Cineview monitor for around $1,400.00.


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